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You can see very beautiful autumn leaves every October and November in Kansai.


Kouyou is the Japanese term for the phenomenon in which the color of the leaves changes from green to red or yellow in autumn. When I searched the meaning of kouyou in English, I found that it was difficult to translate from Japanese to English, I think the reason why is that not all places around the world have four seasons. But some people say that kouyou means "autumn leaves" or "autumn foliage" or "autumn colors" on the internet. So I use the phrase "autumn leaves" in my blog. Autumn leaves are a popular phenomenon to enjoy for Japanese people. We often go to temples, shrines and hiking mountains to enjoy the autumn leaves. There are many maple trees in temples, shrines, parks, river sides, hills, etc throughout Japan. If you visit Kansai at the end of October or at the beginning of November, you should go somewhere, especially Kyoto, to enjoy autumn leaves. In addition, when you travel to Kansai in this season, I recommend that you search the title, Kouyou Kansai on the internet to look into the beautiful places and pictures of autumn leaves.

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