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Conger eel is a kind of fish in the sea.


Conger eel is a kind of fish in the sea. It is hard for a chef to cook because it has a lot of small bones. Compared with the first picture and the second picture, you can find the difference on how to cut. The first picture is conger eel which has many small bones. It is cut to make sure that there are no small bones. The second picture is a sea bream. It is easy to cook because there are no small bones. Conger ell is an expensive fish to eat. The best season to eat is during summer. Many high-end Japanese restaurants and hotels serve a slice of conger eel and a one-pot dish including it as shown in the third picture. Conger eel's egg is also eaten in the fourth picture and is cooked as tempura in the fifth picture. Since there are many rare fish cuisines in Japan, please enjoy eating fishes during your stay in Japan.

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