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We have two kinds of stews in Japan.


We have two kinds of stews in Japan: cream stew and beef stew. When we talk about a stew, we usually show one of them. Both stews were served in schools as a school lunch when I was a elementary school student. Both stews are also common in home cooking. Wen we cook cream stew, we simmer chicken, potato, carrot, and onion in milk, water, and fresh cream. Then, we put white flour to thicken. The word "cream stew" is created in Japan. So cream stew is introduced as a Japanese food in the world. Since cream stew was served with rice in schools in my childhood, I usually eat it with rice on the same plate. The picture shows the rice with stew together with a plate of salad that includes slices of banana, boiled eggs, ham, cabbage, and sesame dressing on top.

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