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There are many Japanese-style curry rice restaurants in Japan.


Curry rice is the most famous food in Japan because all children have eaten it as a school lunch. Also, children have many chances to eat it in their homes. The biggest curry rice chain is CoCo ICHIBANYA ( known as "CoCoICHI" and established in 1978. There are 1,304 restaurants in Japan as of January 31, 2019. CoCoICHI has also 172 restaurants overseas as follows:

The U.S. : 8 restaurants
China : 46
Taiwan : 24
Korea : 36
Thailand : 27
Hong Kong : 9
Singapore : 4
Indonesia : 6
Malaysia : 1
Philippines : 9
Vietnamese : 1
The U.K. : 1

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Lion Curry which is the name of a restaurant is also famous in Kansai. The style of the restaurant is that toppings are put on rice as shown in the picture.

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I really recommend you to go to Japanese-style curry restaurants during your travel in Japan anyway.

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