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The Japanese emperor abdicates the throne today.


The Japanese emperor abdicates the throne today. The status of the emperor is stated in the Japanese Constitution as the symbol of the state and the unity of the people. He plays an important role to carry out affairs of the state like appointing the prime minister designated by the Diet and so on. It is said that the imperial family is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world. Since the state of the emperor is lifetime tenure, the abdication is very rare and the abdication ceremony is a historical event after about 200 years. A few years ago, the abdication and its date was enacted by the special exemption law. The Crown Price is due to be enthroned on May 1. If you travel in Japan today and tomorrow, you can watch many TV programs to broadcast the abdication ceremony and enthronement ceremony. Today is also the last day in Japanese Heisei era and tomorrow is the first day in Japanese new era, Reiwa. These are really big news in Japan.

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