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The number of foreign travelers in Japan has been continuously increasing every year since 2012.


The number of foreign travelers in Japan have been increasing every year since 2012.

Number of Foreign Tourists in Japan

2012 8 million

2013 10 million

2014 13 million

2015 19 million

2016 24 million

2017 29 million

2018 31 million

It is said that 40% of the travelers go to Kansai for sightseeing and spend about 100 billion yen. Many foreigners go to Kuromon Market in Osaka and Nishiki Market in Kyoto to buy something to eat, but some people say that the prices there are now getting more and more expensive. That means stores in those locations mark up their goods since foreign visitors can afford them. I suggest they go to markets and tourist spots which are not famous. They can even get a chance to have a taste of an ordinary Japanese person's life.

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