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A fortune-telling paper strip is called "Omikuji".


Most Japanese people are familiar with "Omikuji" because we often have got it in our childhood in shrines and temples. Especially, we usually try omikuji at the first visit in shrines on New Year's Day. The fortune from excellent luck to great misfortune is written on omikuji. Some items such as wish, love, job, family, sickness, travel, money, and etc are also written on it in details. I also tried omikuji on New year's Day in the picture. It was excellent luck! I brought it at home. If you are not satisfied with the result of omikuji that it is misfortune or a little misfortune, you can tie it on a tree, pole and rope. You can put the bad result by tying it at the site of shrines.

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The followings are the examples of fortune. 

Japanese - English

Daikichi - Excellent luck

Kichi - Good luck
Cyukichi - Fair luck
Shokichi - A little luck
Kyou - Bad luck
Daikyou - great misfortune

The picture shows the place where people can buy omikuji.

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