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Ganko is one of famous Japanese izakaya whish serves traditional Japanese cuisine. 


Ganko is one of famous Japanese izakaya which serves traditional Japanese cuisine. It serves Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Kushikatsu, Shabushabu and so on. If you go to Ganko, you can experience a lot of famous traditional Japanese cuisine. Staffs in Ganko also wear Japanese traditional clothing called Kimono as shown in the last picture. Many rooms in Ganko has straw mats called Tatami and all rooms looks like traditional Japanese rooms. Ganko has English website(, so you can search the appropriate branch which is close to your hotel. Since Ganko is originated in Osaka and the head office is also located in Osaka, there are many branches in Osaka. It is easy to find your appropriate branch. I really recommend Ganko to eat Japanese traditional cuisine for foreign people.

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