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"Gyoza" is a very popular dish in Japan.


”Gyoza" is a very popular dish in Japan. It can be cooked in several ways such as fried dumplings, steamed dumplings and boiled dumplings. However gyoza means fried dumplings in Kansai, when we just say gyoza. We eat gyoza after putting a sauce that is made of soy sauce and vinegar. If you like spicy foods, you can use the sauce with spicy oil called layou in Chinese.

In the big plate, there are several kinds of foods like sliced egg and apple, chopped cabbage with sesami seeds and mayonnaise sauce, spinach seasoned with sesame seeds and soy sauce and pork and kimchi stir-fry with egg.

If you travel or live in Japan, I recommend you to eat gyoza. Fried dumplings are from China but gyoza is from Japan because gyoza is cooked in a Japanese way and has a Japanese taste.

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