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Horumon don is a kind of rice bowl dish in Japan.

Horumon don is a kind of rice bowl dish in Japan. I have already introduced some donburi dishes in my blog like niku don, kaisen don, tanin don and so on. But I didn't have the chance to introduce horumon don because it is not popular and and I haven't eaten it for two years now.

Horumon is parts of beef and pig offal. In Japan, there are two theories of "Horumon". One theory is that it means "things to throw out" in Osaka's dialect. Innards of beef and pork were threw away before in Osaka. The other theory is that horumon came from hormone in English which is a chemical substance produced in the body. The second one is more general nowaday.

The general parts called horumon are heart, intestine, liver and stomach.
I will show the horumon don including them as shown in the picture.

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The meat of horumon is more elastic than ordinary meat. Some people prefer the texture of horumon to the one of ordinary meat.I recommend trying horumon in your stay in Japan because it is not easy to eat it in other countries.