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Kaisen-don is a kind of popular bowl dishes in Japan.


Kaisen-don is a kind of popular bowl dishes in Japan. The kaisen-don shown in the picture was served in Isomaru Suisan which is one of reasonable seafood restaurant chains throughout Japan. Since many foreign travelers go there, English menu, Chinese menu and Korean menu would be prepared. More than 10 kinds of Kaisen-don are served in Isomaru Suisan and the price range of kaisen-don is between 600 yen and 1500 yen. I will show how to eat kaisen-don.

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Isomaru Suisan :

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The main ingredients of kaisen-don are tuna, salmon, yellowtail and minced tuna with onion. The toppings are wasabi, sliced ginger root on a Japanese basil.

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First, you pour soy sauce in a small dish and mix wasabi and soy sauce.

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Second, you put mixed soy sauce and wasabi on kaisen-don.

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