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Kushikatsu Don is a kind of bowl dish in Japan.


Kushikatsu Don is a kind of bowl dish in Japan. It looks interesting because the ingredients are on the skewer and the skewers are on top of the rice. Kushikatsu literally means fried ingredients on a skewer and we eat it after dipping it in a special sauce. So, all kushikatsu as shown in the picture are seasoned by a special sauce. Kushikatsu is a famous Japanese food most especially for the people living in Osaka. They often eat this with their co-workers. I will explain ten kushikatsu ingredients in the picture. The green one on the left side is a small sweet green pepper, followed by lotus root, sausage, pumpkin, beef, tuna, eggplant, fish balls, chicken and shrimp. Restaurants sell kushikatsu per skewer and it costs between 100 yen to 300 yen while the kushikatsu Don costs 700 yen. It is reasonable!

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