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Melon is a very popular fruit in Japan.


Melon is a very popular fruit in Japan and it is known as an expensive fruit. It is categorized in the three kinds of fleshes. The colors of fleshes are orange, green and white. There are many brands of melon throughout Japan. The most famous brand is Yubari melon in Hokkaido whose flesh's color is orange as shown in the first picture below. The big one costs more than 2000 yen. It is juicy, sweet and very delicious. Andes melon is also famous in Japan. It has a green flesh color as depicted in the second picture. The flesh is also juicy.
By the way, have you ever heard of melon bread which is originated in Japan? It is not melon but bread. The figure is like Yubari melon as seen in the third picture. The flavor is not melon flavor but it is also very delicious. When I went to South East Asian countries, I enjoyed eating some local fruits such as dragon fruit, mango, rambutan, litchi and so on. You can also try eating some Japanese fruits during your travel in Japan.

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