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Melon bread is a bread which the shape is like melon.


Melon bread, as the name itself implies, is shaped like a melon fruit. It is very popular to children because it has the same name with one of the characters in the anime series Anpan-man. It is also very delicious.

There are many brands of melon bread in Japan but my favorite is the one made by Kobe Belle. Kobe Belle, a company based in Kobe, has been producing sweets and bread since 1927.

Melon bread contains dried fruits such as oranges, apples, cherry and raisins as shown in the picture. Each bread smells the same as the fruit it contains. The hardness on the surface and the softness of the inside are balanced equally and are very good combination. I think most bakeries in Japan are making their own versions of melon bread. Please try it during your stay in Japan.

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