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Miidera Temple is the 14th temple of 33 Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage.


Miidera Temple (or just Miidera) is the 14th temple of 33 Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. It is also called Onjoji Temple but Miidera is the general name. It is located in Otsu city in Shiga prefecture. There are many buildings in the site as shown in the picture below. The main gate was built in 1452 and registered as an important cultural property. It is shown in the second picture. We can experience Buddhism practices like Sutra copying and Zen-meditation there. I have never tried these ones but I want to try Zen-meditation to refresh my mind and body next time. One of my hobbies is going around 33 Saigoku Kannon with my wife. I have already gone to 9 temples near my house. Whenever we go to the temples of 33 Saigoku Kannon, we bring a notebook to stamp on. The stamp is a certification or proof that we went to the temple that day.

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