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The new law about foreign resident status was passed the plenary session in the Upper House yesterday.


The revised law has passed the Upper House yesterday. The opposition didn't accept it because they could not have enough discussion about it. It become very controversial. Many industries welcome the result that it was passed. The categories of the new foreign resident status has not changed after the bill. It is categorized into 14 businesses that include nursing, building cleaning, formed and fabricated materials, industrial machinery manufacturing, electronic and electrical equipment, construction, shipbuilding, car maintenance, aviation, hotels, farming, fishing, drink and food manufacturing, and restaurants.

Estimated number of foreign people in order to accept within 5 years below :

Nursing : 50000-60000 persons

Restaurants : 41000-53000

Construction : 30000-40000

Building cleaning : 28000-37000

Farming : 18000-36500

Drink and food manufacturing : 26000-34000

Hotels : 20000-22000

Formed and fabricated materials : 17000-21500

Shipbuilding : 10000-13000

Fishing : 7000-9000

Car maintenance : 6000-7000

Industrial machinery manufacturing : 4250-5250

Electronic and electrical equipment : 3750-4700

Aviation : 1700-2200

Total : 262700-345150 persons