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A newspaper said that foreign workers have difficulty to live a life in Japan.


A newspaper said that foreign workers find it difficult to live in Japan because the local governments' measures to support them are not enough.

Revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law will be implemented from April 1. So, many local governments are promoting the measures rapidly that foreign workers easily live a life in Japan. However a newspaper said that the measures are delayed.

There are the measures that the Ministry of Public Management released:

1 Releasing of multilingual government information.

2 Supporting the study of Japanese language.

3 Understanding their way of living.

4 Ensuring of multilingual information when foreign children are enrolled in schools.

5 Releasing multilingual information when natural disasters happen.

6 Consulting about medical check-up and health condition.

7 Releasing of multilingual medical questionnaire.

8 Consulting about children who cannot go to schools for any reasons.

9 Disseminating of information in medical institutions that foreign workers communicate by their own languages.

10 Giving of assistance to foreign workers for housing support and eliminating discrimination.

11 Advising to take out garbage.

12 Supporting the communication with a neighborhood self-governing association.

13 Contacting in case of emergency.