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The new foreign resident status was newly-established in April 2019.


The new foreign resident status was newly-established in April 2019 but the number of people that register as new foreign residents haven't increased as of now. The Japanese government grants the new foreign resident status to a maximum of 35 million foreign people within five years. However only 367 foreign people were granted the new foreign resident status 6 months after April 2019. The reasons why many foreign people could not register the new ones are as follows:

1. The bilateral agreements with China and Thailand are not concluded.

If the bilateral agreements are concluded, workers will have an advantage of shutting out dishonest labor brokers and protecting workers’ human rights. In addition, foreign people will be able to have a bank account easily and have an opportunity to talk about their annoyance in a local government using their own language. However since the bilateral agreements are not concluded yen, foreign people are worried about working in Japan.

2. The salary for foreign people in Japan is not attractive enough compared to salaries in Korea and Singapore.

Monthly salary (1,159 USD) in Tokyo is higher than monthly salaries in Korea and Singapore but foreign people think that it is easier for them to live in Korea and Singapore. They tend to choose working in Korea and Singapore rather than working in Japan.

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