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In Japanese, Japan is called Nihon, and the Japanese language is called Nihongo. Go means language. The Japanese language does not have plural forms.


Seven months have passed since I started an English blog and most topics that I write about are in their noun forms. Examples of these topics are Japanese foods and culture. I am wondering about the difference between English and Japanese nouns. Japanese noun does not have plural forms unlike English. I posted the article of Omamori that is a good luck charm seven days ago. If I were to buy two omamoris I am not sure whether I should write two omamoris or two omamori in English.


English singular and plural - Japanese

an apple, two apples, - ringo, two ringo (we do not use ringos.)

a car, two cars, - kuruma, two kuruma (we do not use kurumas.)

In English, we say 'an apple' in singular form while 'two apples' in plural form. In Japanese, we say 'one ringo' or 'two ringo'. It doesn't matter if we bought one, two or more ringos.

Another example in English, we say 'a car' is singular while 'two cars' in plural form. In Japanese, 'one kuruma' in singular while 'two kuruma' in plural. No need to add 's'.