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Niku-don is a Japanese rice bowl dish topped with grilled meat.


Niku-don is a Japanese rice bowl dish topped with grilled meat. One restaurant chain that serves Niku-don is Niku Gekijou. This restaurant serves a variety of bowl dishes including beef, pork and chicken seasoned with different kinds of sauces. These dishes are different from Gyudon, wherein only beef is put on top of rice.

Niku Gekijou has several branches in Japan including Tokyo, Dotonbori, Namba, Kobe, Kyoto, Takatsuki and so on. I think the price is affordable because the usual range is between 600 yen and 1800 yen and we always order extra-large rice. Furthermore, it includes soup and pickles (bean sprouts) in every serving and the second helpings are free everyday. In addition, if you go to the restaurants on 2nd, 9th and 29th of the month, it gives an extra serving of meat at zero cost.

I ordered "Gekijo rice bowl" including spare-rib, skirt steak and chicken neck with extra spicy sauce at the price of 1000 yen. You can choose your favorite sauce from 13 different sauces.

You need to buy a food ticket from the ticket machine as soon as you enter the restaurant. Since the messages on the ticket machine are written in Japanese and English, it is easy for foreign people to order something.

There are many dishes available by combining the various kinds of meats. I recommend that you decide your order by checking the menu in front of the restaurants before entering.

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