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Okowa is one of Japanese rice dish.


Okowa is one of Japanese rice dish and it has many variations in Japan.


Before explaining about Okowa, I will first explain what mochigome and kome is.

Japanese people mainly eat two kinds of rice, namely mochigome and kome. In Japanese, Mochigome is sticky rice or glutinous rice which is a type of rice grown mainly in Southeast and East Asia, while kome is japonica rice. Mochigome is different from non-glutinous strains of Japonica rice. Kome also becomes sticky when cooked, but not as sticky as mochigome .


Okowa is a dish which is made from mochigome and kome. The ratio in which both kinds of rice is used varies. Different meats, fishes, vegetables and nuts are included in okowa. Some kinds of okawa are chicken okowa, salmon okowa, eel okowa, vegetable okowa and chestnut okowa.


This is kuri okowa which is okowa with chestnuts as shown in the picture below. We usually eat it after putting black sesame seeds and salt. We didn't use kome in this dish, so this is 100% mochigome. The chestnuts are a little sweet.

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Another kind of okowa is satsumaimo okowa which is okowa with sweet potato as shown in the picture below. This is made from 10% mochigome and 90% kome. This ratio is originally made and preferred by my wife.

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