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A persimmon is a fruit to be eaten in Autumn.


A persimmon is a very popular fruit in Japan. It is especially famous for being a nutritious fruit including rich vitamin C and carotene. It is cropped only in Autumn. There are many wild persimmon trees throughout Japan. When I looked into the persimmon on the internet, I found that China, Korea, and Japan produced more than 90% of persimmons in the world. Nara and Wakayama in Kansai are famous for the production area of this fruit. In addition, we have two kinds of persimmons which taste bitter and a little sweet. The persimmon of bitter taste is eaten after it is dried. Because it sweetens. It is hard for me to explain the taste because persimmons have a lot of features. However, when you come to Japan in Autumn, please try the best persimmon in Asia.

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