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There are many kinds of ramen throughout Japan.


When we talk about Japanese food, ramen will never be forgotten to mention. It is one of the most popular Japanese dishes and there are several varieties to choose from depending on its main ingredients, soup and noodles. I will inform you on the kinds of noodles and soups commonly served in ramen.

For soups, we have:

Tonkotsu : Pork bone broth

Syoyu : Soy sauce

Miso : Fermented soybean paste

Chicken : Chicken broth

Fish : Dried small sardines broth

Mixed : Tonkotsu and Syoyu, Syoyu and Fish, etc

For noodles, you can choose from thick straight noodles, thin straight noodles, thin curly noodles, and thick wrinkled noodles.

The ramen shown in the pictures has the soup based on syoyu soup and fish soup with pork backfat.

They also show thick wrinkled noodles.

The ramen is served by Men-Ya Hakkaisan, a small but popular ramen restaurant in Takatsuki. People always line up on the restaurant front before its opening hour.

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