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Japanese government released new Japanese era which will be used after May 1st.


Japanese government released the new Japanese era which is used in Japan after May 1st. It is called Reiwa. The word called Reiwa is cited from Manyo-shu which is the oldest collection of waka poems and was compiled in the 8th century. Waka poem is the oldest form of poetry. It is composed of 31 syllables in total, arranged in groups of 5, 7, 5, 7, and 7 syllables. When we create Waka, we include our deep feelings and impressions within 31st limited words. Our Prime Minister also stated the reason why our government decided to name the new era Reiwa. He said he wants Japanese people to have great hopes toward the future. Rei literally means auspicious and Wa literally means peace. The first Japanese era was Taika. Reiwa is 248th Japanese era. The nations which use their own original era are very rare. A newspaper said that only Japan uses its own original era.

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