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The two games in the semi-finals are now finished.


The two games in the semi-finals are now finished.

Unfortunately, Japan lost the game against South Africa. In the first-half, Japan and South Africa were almost equal in physical strength and skill. The score was (Japan)3-5(South Africa) at the end of the first-half. However, Japan did not have enough physical strength to beat South Africa in the second-half. I think they were worn out after 4 games in the group matches.

The defending champion, New Zealand also lost the game against England.

South Africa beat Wales with a score of 19-16 today. The championship will be held on November 2 in the Yokohama Stadium. This is the last game in the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019. A lot of Japanese people started to have an interest in rugby because the Japanese national team was very active in the World Cup. It will finish in great success.

The result of the knockout stage is as follows:

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