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Steam dining is not famous but gradually becoming popular for women and older people.


Steam dining is gradually becoming popular for people who prefer healthy and organic foods to fatty foods. Steaming is basically a cooking method. It is considered a healthy cooking technique without oil. Restaurants for steam dining use a food steamer which is a kitchen appliance made specifically to cook food with steam. A bamboo basket for a steaming food is very famous in Japan. Bamboo baskets are also used for Chinese foods like a steamed meat dumpling. We call "Seiro" a bamboo basket. It is hard to find restaurants which use seiro to serve steam dining. When you visit in Ashiya city, you can try steam dining in "Come Come" which is a cafe that serves healthy diet. Shown in the picture below, you can eat vegetables in seiro with some sauces based on soy sauce, salt, vinegar etc.

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