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Tanmen is a kind of Japanese noodles.


Tanmen is a kind of noodles originated from Japan such as soba and udon. Noodles of tanmen are similar with noodles of ramen and different from noodles of soba and udon. It is famous in Kanto region which includes Tokyo and its neighboring area. We can also eat it in some ramen restaurants in Kansai. The difference of tanmen and ramen is the way how they are cooked. When we cook ramen, we prepare soup first, noodles second and toppings third. We cook ramen even without a frying pan. When we cook tanmen, we prepare noodles first, fried ingredients such as cabbage, onion, bean sprouts and pork in a frying pan second, soup into a frying pan third and toppings forth. The most different way to cook between tanmen and ramen is frying ingredients and preparing soup in a frying pan. The tanmen in the picture is not ordinary tanmen because the soup is based on shrimp paste.

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