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“Teishoku” means set meals in Japan.


“Teishoku” means set meals in Japan. "Teishoku Yayoi" is a restaurant which does not serve expensive dishes. Instead, it provides affordable home meals. It serves a main dish with two sides of vegetables, a bowl of Japanese rice and miso soup, all on one tray. It is called "Ichiju-sansai". We can have another bowl of rice in Teishoku Yayoi. So, rice-lovers, young adults and students really like to go there to satisfy their appetites. Teishoku Yayoi is a big restaurant chain and it has many restaurants throughout Japan.

The number of restaurants in Kansai region is as follows:

Osaka : 52 restaurants

Kyoto : 11 restaurants

Hyogo : 10 restaurants

Shiga : 6 restaurants

Nara : 5 restaurants

Wakayama : 3 restaurants

Mie : 2 restaurants

As soon as entering Teishoku Yayoi and before sitting at their tables, customers need to buy a meal ticket from the ticket machine. The machine shows all meals in different languages such as English, Chinese, Thai and Japanese, so it would be easy for foreigners to buy a ticket.

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Teishoku Yayoi already have many branches in some countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the U.S. and Australia.

World wide of Teishoku Yayoi :

Teishoku Yayoi is one of my favorite restaurants. So, if you have a chance to go Teishoku Yayoi in your countries, please try eating Japanese Teishoku there.

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