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Some cafes serve Thai cuisine prepared for a Japanese taste.


I went to a cafe named Chou-cho, which literally means butterfly. It is close to the Uji city botanical garden and has a garden inside. The cafe serves Thai cuisine such as green curry, gaprao rice etc. The foods there were very delicious especially the ones I mentioned. Currently, some cafes in Japan serve Thai cuisine because of three reasons in my opinion. First, the ingredients can be preserved for several days. It is difficult for cafes to serve raw fishes. Second, they can easily get the recipes of foreign cuisine from website like Cookpad ( Third, the taste can be easily changed for Japanese people by the use of Japanese rice. Japanese people really like Japanese rice.

The green curry includes deep-fried chicken, pumpkin and eggplant.

The gaprao rice includes stir-fried chicken with soy sauce, soft-boiled egg, salad and broken almond on rice.

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