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Uontana-Shoutengai is a shopping street in Akashi.


Uontana-Shoutengai is a shopping street in Akashi. "Uontana" means a container to sell fishes. Uontana-Shoutengai is a shopping street located 3 minutes away on foot from JR Akashi Station in Hyogo Prefecture. There are about 100 shops on the street and most of them are fresh fish shops. They sell seafood which is caught near the Akashi port. The famous seafood in Akashi is sea bream and octopus. Octopus, other fresh seafood and fishery processed food are also sold in the shopping street as shown in the pictures. Akashi is a minor sightseeing place for foreigners but I recommend travelers to drop in there to have fresh seafood lunch for a very affordable price and to see the long-established shopping street. Please take attention that some of the restaurants in the shopping street don't serve dinner.

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