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There are a lot of vending machines in Japan. It is our culture.


When you come to Japan for the first time, you will be surprised by the amount of vending machines. We can buy a bottle of tea, coca-cola, coffee, water, soup etc. from a vending machine. The total number of vending machines in Japan is approximately 3 million and 70% of the vending machines are for drinks. The others are for tickets, tobacco, beer, card etc. I found 5 reasons why we have a lot of vending machines in Japan on the internet. First, Japan is safe so vending machines in parks and on the roads are not destroyed. Second, it is very convenient for busy workers to buy drinks anytime. Third, the people who have vending machines installed on their lots can get a fee. Fourth, the land owners don't need to manege the machines because vending machine companies do it instead. Fifth, we could buy a drink for only 100 yen more than 40 years ago. The price had been changed for the past years but the machines were remained. 

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