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Chikuzen-ni is a traditional Japanese cuisine originated in Kyusyu.


Traditional Japanese cuisine, which is termed Washoku in Japanese, was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013. We call it Washoku because Wa means Japan and Syoku means cuisine. Chikuzen-ni is the middle in the picture. Chikuzen-ni is a simmered dish made from carrots, lotus roots, bamboo shoots, konnyaku, dried shiitake mushrooms, beef, and chicken, then seasoned with soy sauce. The other dishes in the picture are in clockwise order rice with seaweeds, slices of pear, pickled cucumber and eggplant, and miso soup with pork. Japanese really like fermented foods. In this course, the cucumber, eggplant, miso, and soy sauce are actually fermented.

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