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Karaage is a Japanese style fried chicken and very popular for children.


Traditional Japanese cuisine, which is termed Washoku in Japanese, was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013. We call it Washoku because Wa means Japan and Shoku means cuisine. Karaage is very popular for children because it is usually served as a school lunch. Tartar sauce is often served with karaage. The dinner in the picture is common at home. We sometimes use the word, Ichijiru-sansai, which literally means one soup and three dishes. We usually eat a bowl of rice and miso soup, three kinds of dishes including one big plate and two small dishes like the one in the picture. It is said that one soup and three dishes are good balance for nutrients. I think our longevity depends on Ichijiru-sansai. I introduce the dishes in clockwise order. First, karaage, simmered pumpkin, and sliced cabbage with sesame sauce are on the big plate. Second, it is adzuki beans simmered with sugar. Third, it is some slice of persimmons. Lastly, it is miso soup with pork.

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