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West Japan Railway Company is called JR WEST and the most common railway company in Kansai.


JR WEST is a non-government railway company that was established 30 years ago. But originally, it was a national railway. Now it is the biggest railway company in Kansai. Most of the people visiting Kansai use this train. When you buy the general train ticket, you can ride three types of trains: local, rapid, and super rapid. If you take the super rapid, it will only take 30 minutes from Osaka to Kyoto, and 60 minutes from Kyoto to Kobe. If you ride the local train, going to Kyoto from Osaka will take 50 minutes. You can also know arrival and departure time through a monitor on the platform (as seen in the picture). If a train is delayed, the new schedule and delayed time are displayed in a monitor.

You can get more information about JR WEST through the link below;

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