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A 10-day consecutive holiday was enacted on Saturday, wherein the day of Imperial accession celebration is included.


We have a long holiday from the end of April to the beginning of May every year. It is called the Golden week. Since the day of Imperial accession celebration will be during the Golden week, we will have a very long golden week next year. The special holiday will be implemented in 2019 only.

I will explain the reason of each holiday during the golden week.

Events of the Golden week:

Apr 27 Saturday

Apr 28 Sunday

Apr 29 Showa Day

Apr 30 Holiday (The day between holidays)

May 1 The special holiday (The day of Imperial accession celebration)

May 2 Holiday (The day between holidays)

May 3 Constitution Day

May 4 Green Day

May 5 Children's Day

May 6 Monday makeup holiday

It is said that many people enjoy their travels during a long golden week.

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