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I edited PERSIMMON in my blog because a tutor added some useful information about persimmons.


PERSIMMON(November 25, 2018) :

Persimmon is a nutritious fruit. It is rich in vitamin C, carotene, dietary fiber, polyphenol, and potassium. These nutrients are a strong antioxidant and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease. We have two kinds of persimmons - the bitter taste and a little sweet taste. Bitter one is called "Shibugaki" and a little sweet one is called "Amagaki". We call dried bitter one "Hoshigaki". Hoshi literally means dried and Gaki literally means persimmon. For centuries, Japanese have been making dried persimmons, using a traditional method. Basically, hoshigaki are persimmons that are peeled and hung until they shrivel and a natural sugar coating forms on their surface.

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“Fuyu” is the most famous persimmon in a little sweet ones called "Amagaki". There are many kinds of amagaki in Japan. It is eaten at room temperature after peeled. Amagaki is crunchy like an apple.

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