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Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 will start on September 20 in Japan.


Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 will start on September 20 in Japan. 20 teams all over the world are coming to Japan for training for the World Cup. Local governments of the cities where their training camps are located are designing international cultural events with the foreign players. These local governments would also like to keep good relationships with other countries and make an impression with their attraction of local foods and sightseeing places.

On September 14, the Namibian National Team arrived at Wakayama and a welcome party was held by the local people. I think that these events are really good for foreign players and local people because it becomes a memorable event with each other, which is a chance of a lifetime. The coach in the Namibian National Team announced that they are looking forward to experiencing the World Cup and cultural exchange with the people.

In Sakai City, the cultural exchange event with the Italian National Team will be held in front of the City Hall on September 17 at 18:00.

The Scottish and Canadian National Teams will have cultural events with primary school students in Kobe. With people in Otsu City, the Welsh National Team will have a party on board at Biwa lake, which is the biggest lake in Japan.

The local governments thet accept the National Teams participating in the World Cup are as follows:

Otsu in Shiga : Wales, Fiji

Higashiosaka in Osaka : Argentina, Tonga, Namibia, Fiji

Wakayama : Namibia

Sakai in Osaka : Italia, Tonga, the U.S., Georgia

Awaji in Hyogo : Russia, Samoa

Nagato in Yamaguchi : Canada

Kobe in Hyogo : Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, South Africa

If you plan to travel to these cities during the period of the World Cup, please check out the website of the local governments participating in the cultural events. It would be a chance of a lifetime.