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Sukiyaki is also served in a course meal.


Sukiyaki is a traditional Japanese cuisine. We eat it with several groups of people like family and friends. (If you are not familiar with sukiyaki, please read my previous blog.) However the sukiyaki is being served per person and one of course meals as shown in the picture.

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The sukiyaki is per person and one of course meals. A staff sets fire to a solid fuel in the box under a pan and we simmer the ingredients like some sliced beef, green onion, mushroom and so on. The cooking time for sukiyaki is 5 minutes per single serve. However, it would take about 30 minutes for 4 to 5 people per serving as shown in the previous blog.

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We usually dip the ingredients in a raw egg to cool them. When we simmer the ingredients in a pan, we include sugar. So the taste of sukiyaki is a little sweet. Please try eating sukiyaki during your stay in Japan.

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