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Tempura is a Japanese dish and is served in Japanese restaurants.


Tempura is a famous Japanese dish not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries. There are some ingredients of tempura such as shrimps, fishes, squids, seasonal vegetables, and etc. When I looked into ingredients of tempura on the internet, I could find more than 20 ingredients of seafood and more than 10 ingredients of vegetables. Tempura is served in many Japanese restaurants. It should be best eaten as soon as it is cooked. The ingredients should be served one by one. Thus I recommend eating it in Tempura restaurants only. Tempura Makino is one of the restaurants I would suggest. It is a company under Toridoll which operates chain restaurants throughout Japan. Tempura is available at very affordable price there. It is just about 1000 yen per value meal.

I will explain the best way to be served.

First, a bowl of rice, miso soup and dipping soup are served before tempura is cooked.

Second, a prawn and maitake mushroom are served as soon as they are deep-fried.

Third, squid, two oysters wrapped by leaves, shrimps and Japanese parsley and eggplant are served one by one.

The toppings, radish pickles, sliced squid with salt and its entrails are free.

If you are visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara in Kansai now, you can find Tempura Makino.
Please search "Tempura Makino" by google.

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