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Nakayamadera is a temple located in Takarazuka City.


Nakayamadera is a temple located in Takarazuka City. The nearest station to the temple is Nakayama Kannon station along the Hankyu line. The temple is one minute away from the station on foot. You also go to the temple for 40 minutes by train from the Osaka station. The temple is very famous for being a place to pray for a safe delivery for expecting parents. So, many people go to the temple to do that. Temples and shrines have specific purposes to serve. People go to such temples to pray for reasons like a safe delivery, traffic safety, learning something, passing examinations, having good health, prosperity of businesses and so on. I had an impression that many worshipers visit the Nakayamadera temple to offer their thanks for a safe delivery with their babies.

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