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These are very popular shopping areas for tourists and local people in Kyoto.


Nishiki Market is located in the Shijo area of Kyoto. You can go there in three minutes on foot from the Shijo subway station. It is a shopping street with about three hundred ninety meters long and more than one hundred twenty shops which mainly sell foods that originated in Kyoto. It was called "Kyo-no-daidokoro" in Edo Era which means "the place where many foods are sold". I recommend that you visit Nishiki Market to learn more about the Japanese food culture and to taste some of our delicacies.

Shikyogoku Shopping Street is also close to the market. You can go there on foot, too. There are many souvenir shops, restaurants and others along this street. You can also see some groups of five to eight students on the street because Kyoto is a well-known place for school excursions in Japan.

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