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Shichirin is a traditional cooking stove.


Shichirin is a traditional cooking stove. Traditional shichirin is a cooking stove made from diatomaceous earth. Shichirin began to be used during the Edo Era between 1603 and 1868. Modern shichirin is made of iron and ceramic but the traditional one is more commonly used. We put charcoal in the shichirin and grill the fish and meat on top of the burning charcoal. We do not usually use it at home because it is inconvenient to prepare and dispose the charcoal. It is also dangerous because it can easily start fire especially in wood houses. The heat which shichirin can produce is hotter than any gas burner, so the fish and meat grilled using it are way more delicious. A yakiniku restaurant in Kyoto called Gyukaku uses traditional shichirin. Shichirin is also called Hibachi and it is sold in the U.S. It is very useful when grilling food during outdoor activities like camping.

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