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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will come next year.


The torch relay for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is set to begin in Fukushima on March 26 next year. The committee of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games announced the details of the event yesterday. They are as follows:
1 The number of prefectures : 47 (All Japanese prefectures)
2 The number of cities, wards, towns, and villages : 857
3 The number of runners : 10000 persons (80 to 90 persons per day)

4 Running distance per person : 200 meters
5 The term : 121 days

The theme of the torch relay is Hope Lights Our Way.
During the relay, the revival of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, Japanese famous sightseeing places and regional traditional cultures around Japan will be broadcast.
If you have plans to visit Japan during this period, you can have a chance to see the torch relay live or watch its broadcast on TV.